New Acura NSX

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Acura to release new NSX in China this fall

On April 25 at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, Acura announced that it will release the new NSX this fall in China.

The Acura version of the new NSX made its world premiere in January, 2015, at the Detroit Auto Show. At the Geneva Motor Show that March, it unveiled the Honda version.

The new NSX is equipped with a newly developed 3.5L (3493cc) V6 direct-injection twin turbo engine at mid-ship. It puts out 500hp/6500-7500rpm and gets maximum torque of 56.1kgm/2000-6000rpm.

It uses the high-efficiency, high-output Sport Hybrid SH-AWD 3-motor hybrid system. There are two motors for the front and one for the rear together with 9-speed dual-clutch transmission. The motor puts out 73hp. As a whole, the system puts out 573hp.

A special feature of the new NSX is that, using two independent motors for the left and right front wheel, it’s a 4WD hybrid system where the driver can use torque vectoring to control 4-wheel driving power. The weight distribution between front and back is 42 to 58. It uses lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber to achieve a low weight of 1725kg. The maximum speed is around 307km/h.

Acura announced at the motor show that it would go on sale in China in the fall. It said, “It’s a super sport model that allows you to experience ‘on the rail’ driving.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)