New upgraded Lexus IS

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Lexus unveils upgraded IS with new look

Lexus unveiled the upgraded IS at the Beijing Motor Show, which opened its doors April 25.

The design theme for the exterior is “Aggressive Sports.” It continues with the image of high performance that the current IS is known for but presents and even more aggressive design. Specifically, more forceful styling has been added to the headlamps, tail lamps, and front and back bumper.

The bumper corner that runs from the front fender is sporty and aggressive in design. It extends from the headlamp’s L-shaped clearance lights giving a sense of continuity and presents an angular, sharp design.

The vertical positioning of the spindle grille which is a hallmark of Lexus design has been changed so that it extends further below and brake ducts are at the top of the lower front of the body, giving it a sporty look and feeling of low center of gravity.

The rear design has been improved by adding three layers of large L’s in the inside of the rear combination lamps and changes in the exhaust pipe design.

Along with improvements to functionality and sportiness, there are also luxury improvements for this Lexus sedan. The multi-media display has been enlarged to 10.3 inches and the navigation and audio displays have been enlarged and refreshed. There’s a remote touch “enter” button on the sides for improved ease-of-use. The start switch on the meter hood has been placed at an easy-to-touch angle and the meter hood cover has been changed for a sportier look.

(Translated by Greg Scott)