New Mitsubishi ASX

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Mitsubishi makes Asia debut of new RVR with updated design

Mitsubishi plans to display six models at the Beijing Motor Show from April 25 to May 4. The company will focus on SUVs that are built and sold in China.

At the motor show, it will make the Asia debut of the new ASX compact SUV with its completely redesigned front face. The design theme is “Going over the borderline and stepping into a new world.”

The new ASX retains its powerful driving performance and excellent fuel consumption, while adding the new “Dynamic Shield” concept, the theme of which is functionality that protects people and vehicles. It also has newly designed 17-inch aluminum wheels. It has an even sportier and more dynamic style than the previous model and production and sales start this month.

Mitsubishi also displayed the new Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid EV which conforms to China’s “New Energy Car” standards for promotion of electric vehicles; the new Outlander, which went on sale last August in China; and the limited edition Lancer EX sport sedan.

(Translated by Greg Scott)