Daihatsu Boon

New Toyota Passo / Daihatsu Boon: Highest fuel efficiency for non-kei gasoline class

The compact Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon both received full model changes and the new models went on sale April 12.

Daihatsu is handling everything from development to production for the new Passo/Boon. The power train for all cars is a 1.0L 3-cylinder engine with CVT that gets 69ps. The combustion efficiency has been improved by making the intake port dual, the injector dual and fuel spray atomized. Optimizing its high tumble and piston shape has increased the compression ratio 12.5 so that the 2WD gasoline engine gets 28.0km/L (JC08 mode), which puts it at the top of the non-kei class, and the 4WD gets 24.4km/L.

While maintaining the same compactness as the previous models, the interior space for both the front and back seats is extended 75mm, giving it 940mm of interior space from front to back and putting it at the top of its class.

Along with using high-tensile steel materials for all surfaces of the side outer panel, plastic for some parts of the front fender and back door give it improved rigidity while maintaining low weight. The suspension’s tuning is optimized so that it offers a flat, comfortable ride.

The Passo/Boon is equipped with the Smart Assist II collision avoidance system. Its five key driver-support features are a pedestrian and vehicle collision notifications system, a collision avoidance brake, a feature that prevents accidental starts either forward or back, lane deviation notification and preceding vehicle start notification system.

In addition to the simple and easy-to-use X grade, there is also the smart luxury MODA (for the Passo) or CILQ (for the Boon) which has a stylish makeover.

The price is 1,150,200 to 1,830,600 yen (the Boon is 1,853,280 yen).

(Translated by Greg Scott)