Mazda CX-4 teaser image

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Mazda releases teaser image of CX-4’s silhouette

We’ve managed to get ahold of images of the new CX-4 crossover SUV that Mazda plans to unveil at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show on April 25.

The CX-4 is the latest next-gen model from Mazda that fully exemplifies its Kodo design philosophy and uses its Skyactiv technology. The design concept was to create an “Exploring Coupe.”

The CX-R’s design aims for the concept of “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom,” a driving experience that unites driver and vehicle with functionality that was developed in order to set it apart from existing SUVs in terms of presence and ease-of use.

The new model’s functionality was developed to meet the expectations of a new type of SUV with an ease of use and presence that surpasses current SUV models. It was developed using the design concept “Sustainable Zoom Zoom” which attempts to create a driving experience that unites car and driver. The idea was to create a new type of crossover SUV that corresponds to the creative lifestyle of its drivers.

On April 1, Mazda’s China joint venture company published a teaser image of the CX-4 on its official site. The second image to be released, it shows a coupe-like silhouette shrouded in darkness.

The company said, “The CX-4 will destroy existing notions of the SUV.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)