BB Cub Concept (left) and Scoop Cub Concept

Bangkok Motor Show ’16: Two Super Cub Variation Concepts Hint at New Developments

Honda showed off a number of concept models at the Bangkok Motor Show ’16. The “underbone frame” models were suspended in favor of the Super Cub. There were four concepts on display in just that Super Cub series.

The main two models on display were the EV Cub Concept and Super Cub Concept that were launched at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. However, two models on display next to the Super Cub drew a lot of extra attention.

The BB Cub Concept has a tough style touched with pastel colors that elicits a strange admiration. The design showcases the presence of thick tires, a front fork cover and rear suspension. The bike calls to mind what is known as the “Bobber Style” in the custom bike world, exuding a more manly persona. The cut leg-shield on the bottom contributes to this “wild” attitude.

The other concept: Scoop Cub, projects a more neutral image. It has more of a city-commuter look. Touches such as smaller-than-normal tires suggest that this concept could be seen as an exploration of possible future looks for the “Little Cub”.

Both of these are strictly concept designs with no plans for market introduction. Even so, the introduction of specialty models seems to suggest that the Super Cub brand is being developed as a distinct category, adding a family of related models.