Nissan IDS Concept at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

2016 Beijing Motor Show: Nissan IDS Concept points to its future vision for China

On March 29, Nissan’s China subsidiary announced that the IDS Concept will make its China debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, which opens its doors April 25.

The IDS Concept made its world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in the fall of 2015. It is an innovative concept car that realizes the future Nissan envisions with electric and intelligent vehicles. The IDS Concept has the cutting-edge electric powertrain and automatic driving technology Nissan hopes to bring to the marketplace by 2020.

The IDS Concept uses radar, cameras and laser scanners to monitor the car’s position and drive automatically. It also has manual drive mode for drivers who want to operate the vehicle themselves. These are among Nissan’s latest innovations.

The company calls its future vision for Chinese consumers “Nissan Intelligent Mobility.” It realizes the design concepts of “Zero Emissions” and “Zero Fatalities.”

Nissan says, “We plan to introduce cars equipped with automatic driving technology in China.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)