Mazda MX-5 RF (Roadster RF)

2016 New York Auto Show: Mazda Roadster RF adopts special Machine Gray livery

On March 23, Mazda announced that they incorporated a special Machine Gray livery that is in coordination with the Kodo – Soul of Motion design theme on the MX-5 RF (Roadster RF) that was unveiled at the 2016 New York Auto Show.

The Machine Gray is a special livery, which was produced by Mazda in continuation to the Soul Red body color, symbolizing the Kodo – Soul of Motion design. With the theme ‘pursuing the delicate beauty of a machine,’ it has both high-dimensional contrast with powerful shading and delicate appearance, so it exudes a ‘realistic metal characteristic’ as if it was trimmed from metal ingots.

As for the actualization of its current material, its coating, including its ultra-thin aluminum flakes, has been manually processed by a skillful craftsman and completed with several coating procedures that is done only in concept cars. As for the Machine Gray livery, it utilized a dedicated Takuminuri coating technology, which was developed for the Soul Red color, through which mass production has succeeded, perfecting clarity, reflection and coloring.

As for its reflection, it adopts a technique of having a precise coating with uniform thickness, including its ultra-thin and high-luminance aluminum flakes, and it dramatically constricts its volume through a desiccation process. By using an ultra-thin coating film of up to 2.5 microns, its aluminum flakes were smoothly arranged in a fixed space, as if it was manually coated by the craftsman. With its delicate processing, it looks like a real metallic property with its body that shines bright when struck by light. Moreover, it adopts a jet black pigment with great coloring that were added with reflection and color, which seeps through the aluminum flakes’ cracks, thus it has a high shading contrast due to its uniquely powerful blackness even when it doesn’t get struck by light.

Mazda plans to release the models with Machine Gray color starting in North America this spring, and it is being applied in the all-new CX-9 as well. They also plan to apply this coloring to more of their products hereafter.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)