Honda Civic Sedan (2016 Bangkok Motor Show)

2016 Bangkok Motor Show: The new Civic for right-hand drive unveiled earlier than in Japan

At the press conference held in February 2016, Honda President Takahiro Hachigo said regarding the release of the all-new Civic in Japan, “We are still considering about releasing it in the Japanese market.” The all-new Civic was unveiled last year, and it has high popularity and competency as it acquired the Car of the Year Award in North America.

The all-new Civic Sedan was displayed as the main model in the Honda booth at the 2016 Bangkok Motor Show. It was significantly unveiled as there are many all-new Civic sedans exhibited at the Honda booth, so they are extensively promoting this new model.

The Jazz (Japanese name: Fit) and other vehicles are greatly popular in Thailand, so the number of the Civic sedans that can be seen in downtown areas are already fewer than before, but the Civic is still one of the flagship models of Honda. The factory in the suburbs of Ayutthaya in Bangkok has been conducting a local production for the all-new Civic, and a large scale of sales is expected for these models.

It has four grades: the 1.8E and the 1.8EL grades, which are equipped with a 1.8L naturally-aspirated engine, and the Turbo and the Turbo RS grades, which are equipped with 1.5L turbo engines. All versions have CVT transmissions. The Modulo, a Honda Access-made genuine aero parts brand, which is also very popular in Thailand, was also included in the lineup.

The big difference of the all-new Civic or Thailand from the Civic for North America, which is already released in the market, is that its steering wheel is located on the right side, just like in Japan. What do the Civic fans, who could no longer wait for its said release in Japan in 2018, think about importing this product from Thailand? Its blinker lever was also designed for right-hand drive, which is similar with the model for Japan so it is more convenient in that aspect.

However, it might be best to know that its local price is worth around 869,000 to 1,199,000 bahts (roughly 2.8 to 3.9 million yen), which is not cheap even in the Japanese perspective.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)