Suzuki Baleno

Suzuki Baleno: A design unmasked with ‘flowing’ concept

The Suzuki Baleno hatchback, which was recently released in the market, has a Liquid Flow design concept.

Suzuki Automobile Technology Headquarters Automobile Design Department External Manager Yutaka Yamamoto said, “This expresses the flow of liquid. Not really water, but a liquid that has a bit of viscosity, like metal liquid. We designed it with the image of a flowing liquid metal.

As for the image it mainly expresses, he said, “While it enhances and weakens the accent with its side shoulder lines and the surface that goes with it through the movement of its shoulder, it expresses a flowing feel.”

Moreover, the accent on the lower edge of its side windows also make it appear like it is fluid. Yamamoto pointed out, “There had been many practical designs in Suzuki, thus we thought of making it undeviating. However, the Baleno was designed to look emotive, and this was also reflected in the movement of its shoulder line.”

Well then, why did they come up with the Liquid Flow concept? Yamamoto explained, “In Suzuki, we also have the Swift, which is in the same segment as the Baleno. This car was designed to run powerfully, but the Baleno gives off an elegantly calm feel; thus we wanted to incorporate that comfortable image, which would be fitting for long distance driving.” Thus, this concept name was established.

Its height is a little bit lower (with 1,470mm) than that of the Swift, but its width is higher (with 1,745mm). Moreover, its suspension system sticks out in four corners, and he said, “It is low and wide. It also gives off a stable image.”

Lastly, Yamamoto talked about his thoughts on the Baleno’s design, “It has a bold design, a characteristic of Suzuki vehicles; thus, we also wanted its emotive aspect to be perceived.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)