Launching of Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: We’ll be selling to individuals after a year, says Senior Managing Officer Minekawa

On March 10, Honda announced the release of the production version of the Clarity Fuel Cell FCV. The price of this 5-passenger sedan FCV is 7.66 million yen including tax. Honda plans to conduct lease sales of 200 units in Japan for the first year.

The target customers for lease sales are the local government and corporate entities. For FCVs, aside from the national assistance payment of approximately 2 million yen, it also has a personal assistance system for local government entities, and the leasing fee will be decided through those payments within a contractual period. Senior Managing Director Sho Minekawa, who is in charge of Honda’s operations in Japan, revealed their forecast that 70% of the lease sales will come from local government entities.

On the other hand, Senior Managing Officer Minekawa talked about the sales for individual customers in Japan, “Applying our experience about the usage conditions in leasing, we would like to start this service after a year and a half. The expected release is in the autumn of 2017. As for the sales form, they are targeting a sellout.

Finally, as for its difference from the Mirai, which Toyota has been selling since the end of 2014, he pointed out, “This car can be used without difficulty because of its wide interior space, and we want to emphasize that part.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)