Toyota C-HR (2016 Geneva Motor Show)

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Toyota launches C-HR with same hybrid as the new Prius

On March 1, Toyota Motor Corporation unveiled its C-HR at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show in Switzerland.

The C-HR will feature basically the same hybrid powertrain as the all-new Prius. For the European model, the 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine generates 98ps/5,200rpm of maximum output and 14.5kgm/3,600rpm of maximum torque.

The engine will be combined with a motor that produces 72ps of maximum output and 16.6kgm of maximum torque. It comes equipped with a continuously variable transmission and front-wheel drive.

The C-HR shares the same engine and motor specs as the European version of the new Prius. We can see that the C-HR was deemed to become the “crossover model of the Prius” during its development.

The all-new Prius has left a tremendous mark of 40km/liter fuel efficiency for the Japanese model. Though Toyota has yet to announce the fuel efficiency for the C-HR, it has been revealed that its CO2 emissions, which is highly regarded in the European market, is “under 90g/km.”