Subaru XV Concept

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Subaru unveils XV Concept with next-gen design

Subaru unveiled the XV Concept at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show on March 1.

The XV Concept is a concept car that hints at what the next XV model might have in store. It is a compact crossover that embodies Subaru’s “Dynamic X Solid” design concept. The model offers a sense of luxury beyond its class with its condensed body size, the dynamic and solid components Subaru is known for, and the powerful molding you would expect in a crossover.

With its dynamic and solid design for the front, side and rear faces, it has the three-dimensional quality that’s one of the hallmarks of Subaru design. The character line presents a sense of liveliness with its condensed body shape. Within the compact body size of a crossover, it expresses the design concept of “Peace of mind and driving enjoyment” that is so highly valued among Subaru drivers.

It combines this styling with the indispensable functionality Subaru cars are known for with its excellent aerodynamic performance and ample road clearance and storage space.

The XV Concept has a diverse crossover-like character for the exterior with its Matte Black cladding for the front bumper, wheel arches, side sills and rear bumper, and its orange accents on the front grille, front and back bumpers, aluminum wheels and roof rail.

The XV Concept is 4520mm long, 1920mm wide and 1570mm tall with a 2670mm wheel base.

(Translated by Greg Scott)