Suzuki Alto Works

Suzuki Alto Works Revival: The reason why it can be manual or AGS

With the Suzuki Alto Works, you can select from two types of transmissions: manual and AGS.

Regarding the manual mode as its main function, Masaaki Okabe of Suzuki’s 1st Car Line Product Planning Department said, “Even though we think that many of our customers would like the manual mode for Works units, we also wanted to expand its functions a bit further with the AGS transmission, so there would be even more customers who would patronize this model.” As for the current sales achievements, it is currently on the startup status, and 90% of the units sold had manual transmission.

Regarding this result, Okabe evaluated, “The reason why we are still on the starting point as of the moment is that we had been focusing on our customers seeking for manual mode.” He added, “The ratio is gradually becoming stable, and we can constantly keep 20% within the Alto car line by having AGS filling up that share.”

According to Okabe, “The launch of Works didn’t have much effect on it,” even though the ratio of the Turbo RS has been decreasing since its release. He mentioned, “There are relatively many customers who have been using the Turbo RS even though they deem it unnecessary as they look at the Works version.”

“As for customers who are really into the running performance, they probably think that it is already good enough even with just the Works version. However, the Works has a considerably thriving performance, and its suspension is also quite solid. The Works version is just the right model for those who do not see the Turbo RS as a necessity,” he thus explained, regarding each models’ positions.

The Works was developed after the Turbo RS was released, and since many customers were also looking for a Works version of the Alto, the development moved forward since then until the end of 2015. We spent most of our efforts into creating its manual shifting. In addition to the other tune ups, I think we have created an interesting car that the customers can certainly be satisfied with,” he confidently said.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)