Engine of the Suzuki Alto Works

Suzuki Alto Works Revival: A full torque that delivers an improved cooling performance

The engine of the Suzuki Alto Works, which is based on the Turbo RS, has an improved performance and is tuned exclusively for the Works.

The engine of the Alto Works has been developed from the R06A turbo engine in the Turbo RS, and its maximum torque has been updated by 2Nm from 98Nm to 100Nm. Keigo Kambara of Suzuki Public Relations Department said, “We tuned it to make it generate a fuller torque.” Herewith, its torque ratio, the numerical expression of its power performance, has been reduced from the Turbo RS’s 6.8 to 6.7.

This is the result from the engine’s better cooling performance. Specifically, the cooling of the engine’s body and the cooling performance within the engine room have been improved. As for the engine’s body, the valve cracking temperature of its thermostat dropped by 6 degrees from 88 degrees, so the temperature of its combustion chamber has been reduced. As a result, it has better filling efficiency, and the knocking sound during combustion has been suppressed. “It generates a powerful torque feel that exceeds that of the Turbo RS,” said Kambara.

As for the improvement of the cooling performance in the engine room, the installation of an opening in the front bumper on the side of the driver’s seat has lowered the temperature in the engine room, while simultaneously suppressing the temperature intake from the upper part.

Furthermore, the acceleration response has also improved. Kambara said, “The delay in acceleration response has been reduced by 10%, and drivers can now enjoy a more direct acceleration feel.”

Moreover, it is also equipped with an exclusive Works speedometer that’s engraved with a Works logo, and it has also been mounted with a boost gauge. This boost gauge lights up when the boost pressure begins, then it gradually turns red through gradation as the boost pressure increases. “It displays an intuitive indicator, so it also exudes a sporty ambiance,” he said.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)