Suzuki Alto Works

Suzuki Alto Works Revival: Its 5-speed MT shift device has new exclusive design

Suzuki conducted an exclusive tuning for the Alto Works, and it is said that it has an impressive performance, which is suitable for its “Works” name.

As for the development concept of the Works, Keigo Kambara of Suzuki Public Relations Department said, “we pursued making its operation more interesting, and improved its running performance as a kei hot hatch. We aim to develop a car that has a different character from the Turbo RS version.” He also added, “Since it uses the name ‘Works,’ we cannot compromise its performance, so we applied exclusive tuning for Works as well as a design that is suitable for a Works model.”

The tuning exclusively for Works include its manual transmission (MT), engine, suspension, and Recaro seats. This Suzuki Alto Works uses 5-speed manual and 5-speed AGS systems, and its 5-speed manual transmission system was exclusively developed for Works models only.

The standard Suzuki Alto cars are also equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission system, but Kambara explained, “in order to materialize a sporty performance, which has been expected in Works models, we revised the gear ratio of its transmission system, and we also made exclusive developments for its shift device.” Particularly, its transmission system will have a cross ratio of 1 to 4-speed compared to the 5-speed manual transmission system of the standard version Alto, so the difference in the number of engine rotations when shifting up and down has been reduced. “We want our customers to enjoy the shift changes through materializing a sporty performance,” Kambara said.

Lastly, as for the shift device, they applied a design exclusive for Works in order to make it have short strokes. He also talked about focusing on its shifting feel: “We have been greatly enhancing its directness and preciseness during shifting operation.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)