Mitsubishi eX Concept

2016 Geneva Motor Show: Mitsubishi announces theme for the show, “Another Step Forward with SUVs and Electric Power”

With the theme “Driving Beyond – Another Step Forward with SUVs and Electric Power,” Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s eX Concept mounted with the next-generation EV system will be making its debut in Europe at the Geneva Motor Show to be held from March 1 to 13.

The eX Concept is an electric-powered compact SUV that Mitsubishi is proposing to the SUV market. It is mounted with the next-generation EV system that features second-generation batteries that have been improved to have better energy density, and compact and high-output motors placed in the front and in the back, enabling it to achieve a cruising distance of 400km. It adopts electric-powered technologies and all-wheel control technologies combined with automated driving, connected car, and active safety technologies.

Its design suggests a compact SUV that has the elegance of a “shooting brake” and a coupe. Hence, it evokes an image of a sporty crossover that dashes briskly onto the city streets.

A total of 13 units is slated to be exhibited at the show, including the facelifted 2017 ASX (RVR in Japan), and the global debuts of the L200 GEOSEEK Concept and the ASX GEOSEEK Concept, both of which are accessorized to reflect outdoor adventure.

Other exhibits at the MMC booth will include a chassis model of the Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid EV that will demonstrate technical features of the PHEV and Twin Motor 4WD systems. There will be visual display of how the drive battery will supply power to a home. Lastly, a panel display telling the story of 50 years of MMC electric vehicle research and development will also be at the booth.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)