Suzuki Alto Works

Suzuki Alto Works Revival: MT accounts for 90% of sales with men in their 40s as its main market

Suzuki revived the Alto Works after 15 years to meet the demands of the market.

The all-new eighth generation Alto was released in December 2014, followed by the Alto Turbo RS in March 2015. Keigo Kanbara from the Suzuki Public Relations Department said regarding the Turbo RS: “Because we wanted to offer an all-out performance at a reasonable price, we have developed it with the concept of truly being able to enjoy the car.” He added: “Our customers have rated it to be easy-to-use, and that it excellently balances performance and ride comfort.”

He continued: “We have received a lot of feedback that they want to have a three-pedal manual transmission variant that leans towards performance, just like the old Alto Works. To meet this request, we have started to work with the Alto Works after releasing the Turbo RS.” The Alto Works was announced and released on December 24, 2015 after 15 years.

Kanbara said regarding the current sales situation: “It became popular immediately after its launch, and approximately 90% of its users are men in their 40s. The Works’ ratio for Alto Sedan is about 20%, showing a very good performance. This is because the Turbo RS offers a comfortable and excellent performance.” He added: “It was designed to have a distinction. Customers choose it because its performance was tuned using Works’ specialization and the users’ preferences.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)