Honda Odyssey Hybrid

Photo Feature: Honda inherits front design from previous Absolute on new Odyssey hybrids

On February 5, Honda Motor Company released its new hybrid and updated gasoline models for the Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute.

The hybrid model is Honda’s first premium minivan to feature their Sport Hybrid i-MMD technology. It offers class-leading fuel efficiency of 26.0km/liter (JC08 mode). This new motor was developed with an innovative winding method and structure in pursuit of increased system efficiency. It has been downsized (smaller and lighter) by approximately 23% while achieving high torque and high output. In addition, by compactly placing the lithium-ion battery underneath the front row of seating, Honda has maintained its spaciousness and convenience as well as achieving exceptional fuel-efficiency and a stylishly powerful ride.

Moreover, Honda has established the same front design as the previous Odyssey Absolute model on both hybrid versions of the Odyssey and Odyssey Absolute.

The Honda Odyssey Hybrid and Odyssey Absolute Hybrid are priced from 3,560,000 yen to 4,056,400 yen.