Mitsuoka Roadster (HImiko) on display at Mitsuoka's showroom in the UK

Mitsuoka Roadster a success in the UK ahead of debut at London Motor Show

At a ceremony held in Tokyo on February 18, Mitsuoka Motors’ President Akio Mitsuoka announced that they have already met their sales target for the Mitsuoka Roadster (Himiko) and 15 units have been delivered to the UK where the vehicles are sold through a local distributor.

As Mitsuoka Motors will be exhibiting for the first time at the London Motor Show this May, the small Japanese automobile company is planning to take the opportunity to commence sales of the Mitsuoka Roadster.

President Mitsuoka said, “We knew it would surely sell in the UK when our local distributor spent time on its market research. Since the UK comprises approximately half the global sales of the Mazda MX-5 Roadster of which the Himiko is based, this indicates its potential popularity in the region.”

He also stated, “However, it took a while to receive approval. We have finally reached this stage after two years of working together with our local distributor. We have already delivered 15 units to the UK.”

Along with the Roadster, Mitsuoka Motors is scheduled to showcase its Bute at the upcoming London Motor Show. President Mitsuoka stated that he would like to commence sales of the Bute as well depending on the response from the auto show.”