2016 Osaka Auto Messe

2016 Osaka Auto Messe: About 220,000 attendees in three days, exceeding last year’s record

The 2016 Osaka Auto Messe was conducted in Intex Osaka for three days starting February 12. The event ended successfully, and a total of 223,801 guests attended the event for the entire three days.

Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and other main Japanese automakers also set up their booths this year. Many of the customized vehicles that caught the attention of audiences were previously exhibited at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon last month. Many car enthusiasts gathered in the event when they heard that popular cars featured in the news would be exhibited in the Kansai Region as well.

Macho men, who also garnered attention during the Tokyo Auto Salon and made it more exciting, were present at the Toyota Gazoo booth while Suzuki displayed the Alto Works embellished in MotoGP colors at their booth. Honda exhibited the McLaren Honda MP4-30 at their booth, and aside from having an area exclusively for children allowing them to take commemorative photos near the machine, Honda also allowed the attendees to personally ride on the driver’s seat of the Mugen Civic Type R Concept—activities entirely different from that of the Tokyo Auto Salon. At the Nissan booth, the GT-R Nismo N Attack Package was very popular among the viewers. There was also a long queue for those who wanted to experience sitting on its driver’s seat.

Furthermore, Osaka Auto Messe also collaborated with FM802 this year and conducted various events at the Customize Arena main stage, and models who also performed did promotion at the booths. Aside from inviting stunning artists and conducting live performances, there were also guests who participated in the live radio broadcasting. There were many attendees in this three-day event.

In Osaka Auto Messe, vehicles of different classes were exhibited according to the respective exhibiting area assigned to the types of cars, such as the HiAce Zone, Kei Car Zone and the like. Particularly, the Honda S660 concept model, a synthesis of the Blitz, the Modulo, and the Bride, was exhibited at the Kei Car Zone. Since the vehicles were exhibited at the respective booths of the automakers during the Tokyo Auto Salon, it was different from the Osaka Auto Messe, where the same cars and customized cars of totally different types could be easily compared to each other.

Despite the rainy weather on the second day of the event this year, it has exceeded the number of attendees on the same day of last year’s event. On the last day of this year’s event, there were 101,341 attendees, amounting to a total of 223,801 attendees in the entire three-day event. As a result, it exceeded the number of attendees last year by nearly 4,000 people.

The next Osaka Auto Messe was set to be held from February 10 to February 12, 2017, and the venue will still be in Intex Osaka.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)