Racing Car Disassembly Show

2016 Osaka Auto Messe: Actual disassembling of a racing car in Toyota Gazoo booth

The 2016 Osaka Auto Messe is being held at Intex Osaka up until February 14. The actual disassembling of a race car, an event that was jam-packed with many people, was held at the Toyota Gazoo booth.

The Toyota 86 which won the class championship in the 2014 24 Hours Nürburgring was used for this event. The two mechanics wore the crew uniform used for the actual race events. They started working quickly, and in an instant, the body cowl and tires have been removed. The engine compartment and the insides of the race car was seen by the public, giving them the opportunity to behold a sight typically undisclosed.

Speaking of events featuring dismantling of racing cars, similar events are actually held at Japan’s top race, the Super Formula. However, only those who come to watch the actual races held in different circuits get the opportunity to see the dismantling of racing cars. Nevertheless, in the Osaka Auto Messe, whenever the disassembling and assembling of parts of the car is being done, a lot of people surround the machine to see its form. This has made it possible for people to see the insides of the disassembled car up close. The people who took an interest to the details of the car looked at the machine with enthusiasm.

In addition, the WRC and the WEC entries that were announced the other day were also exhibited at the Toyota Gazoo booth, sporting their new liveries. At the rally venue, the service tent had made its reappearance. The Yaris WRC, which was developed to participate in the next year’s WRC, and the TS040 Hybrid (for the WEC) with a new livery were exhibited at the booth. It should be noted that the TS050 Hybrid, a new machine being developed in Europe, is scheduled to participate at this year’s WEC.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)