Scion C-HR Concept

Scion C-HR to be released under Toyota brand

Since Toyota announced on February 3 that it is terminating the Scion brand, the new C-HR which was intended to be a Scion model will be released under the Toyota brand.

Scion displayed the C-HR Concept at the 2015 Los Angeles Motor Show in November. Toyota also displayed a 5-door version branded as the Toyota C-HR Concept at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The C-HR Concept has a diamond motif design. The styling aims to daringly bring together nimbleness and power. It has an individualistic look that uses Toyota’s proprietary design concepts of “keen look” and, for components, “under priority.”

Recently, Scion has expanded its lineup with the iM 5-door hatchback and iA 4-door sedan. The C-HR Concept was supposed to be the 3rd new Scion for the US.

Because of the February 3 decision to terminate the Scion brand, the C-HR will be sold under the Toyota brand. At present, it’s set for release sometime in 2016.

(Translated by Greg Scott)