Subaru XV 2.0i-L EyeSight

Subaru XV Review: “The fascination about its refreshing & comfortable styling” by Naoto Shimazaki

It stands out with its new color, Hyper Blue, and it is also popular with its refreshing look. It is also available in Orange, Green for its first hybrid model, and the standard Desert Khaki colors, as Subaru’s color design of the XV has the leading color sense among all Japanese automakers.

The latest model had minor updates, and even though it was just facelifted a little, it has an even better appearance. As for its wheels, there’s a twist in its existing star-shaped wheels, making it have a lighter performance. It has great body color coordination, design, and one of this car’s attractive points is its appearance that makes one think that it’s fun to drive it.

I test drove this model on a paved public highway, and I felt that its steering force became a little bit lighter, maybe because of its more rigid chassis. I actually felt that it has lower sound and vibration, so its ride quality is smoother. Driving easily with a compact car makes it even more comfortable.

The performance of its 2L horizontally-opposed cylinder engine mated to a CVT is just enough. It performs a lighter acceleration without deeply stepping on the accelerator. Its EyeSight (ver. 3) is a system that supports safety and relief with its Advanced Safety Package that has rear crash support functions, and Adaptive Cruise Control with full car function.

â–  5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★★
Interior / Comfort: ★★★★
Power Source: ★★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★

Naoto Shimazaki | Automotive Journalist (AJAJ Member)

Born in Tokyo in 1958. He worked at an editing and publishing company for nine years after graduating from university. In 1991, he began working freelance after working as a writer, editor, and photographer for magazines and independent publications. Since then, he has continued to expand his activities as a writer for magazines and the web. He approaches cars and journalism from the viewpoint of an everyday user.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)