Nissan Dayz Roox

Nissan Dayz Roox Review: “I wasn’t dissatisfied with its performance in city streets” by Hideaki Kataoka

The Dayz Roox is based on the Dayz, has an overall height that’s higher by 155mm, and has efficient space. It was completed with more advanced safety equipment than the Dayz.

The sliding space of its rear seats was increased to 26mm more than the Dayz, so it has even, ample space. Even if a driver with a height of 170cm would sit in front, the kneeroom in the back seat still has enough space for about more than three clenched fists sizewise. It also has ample overhead space, so it provides an excellent sense of freedom. It’s also easy to load a child’s seat in this car.
Its rear circulator in the backseat, which circulates the air from the front seats, also contributes to its high pleasantness. Its interior also has high quality that exceeds in its class. Its instrument panel with horizontal-line styling gives high visibility and operability. The touch panel is also easy to operate, but it would be difficult to look at the panel when it is bathed in sunlight.

I test-drove the Highway Star X with a naturally aspirated engine. It has become heavier than the Dayz by 80kg. However, it showed excellent performance in city streets that made me feel satisfied due to its detailed improvements. It has lesser friction than the existing model, and it has smooth rotation feel. It also has an excellent idling stop function that operates just before you stop when you reduce speed. However, I could hear its starting sound when I started the car again due to its starter motor.

Its engine was mated to a CVT, so it has better drivability. However, it’s regrettable that it’s a bit slow during departure acceleration and it’s probably because this car focuses more on the fuel consumption. By the way, when I drove it in the same route, its fuel consumption was around 3km/L better than the turbo version.

It has big apertures, such as its slide doors and huge back door, but it has a tight body. Its floor area also has high rigidity. Since it is tall in height, it has stable handling. It has bigger rolling tendencies but it has great steering response and gentle ambiance, so it rolls smoothly, and it is relieving. The model I test drove had eco tires (BS Ecopia EP150), but it can be outfitted with 165/55R15’s and 15 inch tires just like the turbo version. Because of that, its ground feel becomes tighter than that of the ones equipped with 14 inch tires. Moreover, its changing tendencies when braking have also been controlled.

Its ride quality also exceeded that of an average kei car, and it is comfortable. I recommend this not only for parents who are at the stage of raising their children, but also to those who prefer having bigger space and comfort at the backseat.

â–  5 Star Rating
Packaging: ★★★★★
Interior / Comfort: ★★★★★
Power Source: ★★★
Footwork: ★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★

Hideaki Kataoka │ Automotive Journalist

A freelance automotive journalist who works as editor for a number of Automobile Specialist magazines. He has tried his hand at writing for a wide range of journals, and always provides deep incites into such subjects as EV and other cars with low fuel consumption and next generation automobiles. A member of Automotive Journalists Association of Japan (AJAJ).

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)