Latest image of the Suzuki Vitara Bretz

2016 Delhi Motor Show: Suzuki offers latest images of new compact Vitara Bretz SUV

Suzuki India subsidiary Suzuki Maruti announced on February 3 that it will debut the Vitara Bretz at the 2016 Delhi Motor Show (Auto Expo). It has released new images of the model.

The Vitara Bretz is the sister model to Suzuki’s flagship SUV, the Vitara, and is a new compact SUV for the India market.

Maruti Suzuki developed the Vitara Bretz to be its core model. According to the company, the design emphasizes burliness, sportiness and virility.

Maruti Suzuki has published images of the model on its official site. The images show its front face with features like its unique grille.

(Translated by Greg Scott)