Suzuki Ignis

2016 Delhi Motor Show: Suzuki to unveil new Concept Ignis

On January 15, Suzuki’s India subsidiary Maruti Suzuki announced that it would make the world premiere of the Concept Ignis at the 2016 Delhi Motor Show (Auto Expo).

The model shares much with the Ignis Suzuki released in Japan on January 21. It’s likely that Maruti Suzuki will soon release the Ignis in India and the company brought out a concept model for the motor show.

The Ignis marks a new compact crossover genre that blends the compact with the SUV. It has a compact body size that’s easy to drive but a packaging that puts the driver’s line of sight high and plenty of ground clearance so that it performs well and safely on snowy or stormy road conditions.

While the design keeps it simple in areas like the lines and surfaces, the polished styling offers an impressive exterior and an interior with a sense of luxury and newness. The back seats slide, which allows the user to easily arrange the storage space in many different ways.

Maruti Suzuki commented, “The Concept Ignis is the new wave for India’s mature compact drivers.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)