Grand Prix winner S660 Neo-Classic by N Lab

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: S660 Neo-Classical wins Custom Contest Grand Prix

For the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon’s Tokyo International Custom Car Contest 2016, where attendees vote on what they consider the best custom car of the event, the Grand Prix winner was N Lab’s S660 Neo-Classic.

The S660 Neo-Classic is a custom model from Honda Access’s N Lab. Except for the doors, all external panels are original. The engine hood is done in a classic coupe style. The front mask with its round headlights takes its inspiration from the S800 and S600. It has an iconic design that looks almost like something a child would draw.

Here are the winners for each division:

Concept Car Division – Mazda RX-Vision by Mazda
Tuning Car Division – RE Amemiya Super Chanter 13B NA by RE Amemiya
Sedan Division –Hyper Crown Cross Bone by Black Pearl Complete
Minivan/Van Division – Ultimate Kaiser Vellfire by Affection
SUV Division – Flex Custom L/C Prado American Classic by Flex
Import Car Division – BMW i8 by BBS Japan
Eco-Car Division – Dendo Mushi Z by Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology

(Translated by Greg Scott)