Suzuki Ignis presentation

Suzuki Ignis – A new type of crossover developed in Japan, says Managing Executive Officer Kasai

Suzuki announced that they will release the Ignis, a new A-segment compact crossover on February 18, 2016. It costs 1,382,400 to 1,778,760 yen, and they are set to produce 1,500 units per month.

At the presentation in Tokyo on January 21, 2016, Suzuki Executive Managing Officer Masato Kasai, who also works as the automobile technology general manager, highlighted, “We want to open up a new market starting in Japan up to Europe and other countries through this new type of crossover developed by a Japanese company.”

He also pointed out, “Multi-purpose crossover vehicles are becoming more popular in Japan and Europe; considering the trend of downsizing cars in the near future, we also perceived that it could also happen to crossover vehicles. There hadn’t been an A-segment crossover vehicle until now.”

Moreover, he explained the details regarding their development. “There seemed to be a growing number of active customers seeking for simple crossover vehicles; thus, the Ignis was produced, as a new type of A-segment compact car. We created it as a compact crossover that has the small hatchback’s user-friendliness and high practicality and SUV’s reliable drivability, producing a design that is unique to Suzuki cars.”

Moreover, he mentioned, “It is mounted with a mild hybrid and K12C dualjet engine, thus it actualizes excellent fuel and running performance.”

Through the combination of a 1.2L diesel engine and a mild hybrid that assists its engine when accelerating, it achieved a 28.8km/L low fuel consumption—one of its greatest features.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)