Suzuki Ignis (Some specs may differ between image and commercially available model)

Photo Feature: Suzuki Ignis offers high fuel economy and practicality at just 850kg

Suzuki announced that it will unveil the Ignis concept model at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show on February 18.

The Ignis was designed as a compact crossover that’s both stylish and user-friendly. The high driver position and high road clearance aren’t just for daily driving but also provide better performance in snowy or stormy conditions.

All models have a high platform and a 1.2L K12C dual-jet engine and mild hybrid to assist the engine’s motor during acceleration. All general grades have been made lighter and the lightest grade is 850kg. This gives it an excellent fuel economy of 28.8km/L (for the Hybrid MG 2WD) and powerful acceleration.

The 4WD also has the Hill Descent Control support system for steep hills, snowy roads and other adverse driving conditions.

The design concept is “Simple Iconic, Simple Standard.” The idea was to create lines and surfaces that are simple but also give it a luxurious feel and impressive look.

Even though it is compact and light, the interior offers ample storage space with independent left and right rear seat sliding and reclining. The seats can be adjusted from the storage area, allowing for many different arrangements of the space. It has the latest comfort features such as the newly added Memory Navigation which can use Apple CarPlay. Safety features include a dual camera brake system, SRS curtain airbags and front-seat SRS side airbags.

The new Ignis is 3700mm long, 1660mm wide and 1595mm tall with a 2435mm wheelbase.

Added to the already available white, silver, black and red body colors are new colors orange, blue and gold. These color choices and the black two-tone roof provide a total of 13 different color variations.

(Translated by Greg Scott)