Daihatsu Copen Cero Coupe Concept

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: A wine-red vehicle that exudes sportiness & high quality

Daihatsu exhibited the Copen Cero Coupe Concept at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, and it was embellished in a deep red color that exudes sportiness and high quality.

Daihatsu Design Department Design Room Assistant-In-Charge Jiro Inoue said, “Originally, the Copen had a durable door cross-section that swept away its poor impression, as its door cross-section was made to a leveled surface (with the car’s body) just as it is in kei cars. Some people said that it has deep character with that setting, but the solid type of kei car is rare.”

He also explained their aim towards making its body color deep red with the Copen Cero Coupe Concept. “Red gives off a sportier impression, and it also expresses luxuriousness, so we decided to make its color Deep Wine Red.” “The impression towards the Copen is that it is lovely and a lightweight sport model. Therefore, we wanted to express it in a different style with a sportier and luxurious image. And aside from its body color, we also treated it with plating in each part starting from the A-pillar. Through this ‘sparkling’ style, I think we were able to create a great world view.”

Furthermore, Daihatsu Design Deparment Chief Designer Hirofumi Wada mentioned, “We want our customers to enjoy its color coordination as well, so we matched the color of its instrument panel to its body color, then we used tan leather for its door trim, steering wheel, and seats, and the seats were designed in a cross-stitch pattern.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)