Infiniti Q30 Premium (for Europe)

Euro NCAP: Inifiniti Q30 certified as safest vehicle in compact family car class

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury car brand, announced that the new Q30 premium compact car was evaluated as the safest model in the compact family car class by Euro NCAP.

Euro NCAP is the only consortium that conducts public crash tests in Europe. Euro NCAP conducted crash tests for about 40 cars in 2015 and they presented eight models from different categories that have the most outstanding safety performance.

In order to acquire a 5-star rating, the car needs over 80% in the Adult Occupant Protection category; over 75% in the Child Protection category; over 65% in the Pedestrian Protection category; and over 70% in the Safety Assist category. If even just one of the four categories gets a lower rating than the given standards, it cannot acquire a 5-star rating, but qualifies only for 4 stars and below. Moreover, the car must achieve over 75% in order to acquire an overall 5-star rating.

In the test result of the Infiniti Q30, it acquired 32.1 points (84%) in the Adult Occupant Protection category and obtained 5 stars. It also acquired 42.2 points (86%) for the Child Protection category, achieving 5 stars. Then it acquired 33 points (91%) for the Pedestrian Protection category, obtaining 5 stars. Lastly, it acquired 10.7 points (81%) in the Safety Assist category, exceeding the required 70% to achieve 5 stars.

With this result, the Infiniti Q30 achieved 5 stars in the overall evaluation. Infiniti Europe Vice President Francois Goupil de Bouikke said, “Our goal is to provide excellent driving experiences and safety to our customers.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)