NATS Nihon Automobile College surprises the attendees with original works which are hard to imagine alongside their base models (2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, January 15, Makuhari Messe)

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: Using Primus gas for the Testarossa kei car, an ambitious work by Nihon Automobile College

Among the exhibitions of NATS Nihon Automobile College, the Primus being loaded to a Japanese-made engine, the kei car-sized Testarossa, and the Mercedes Benz with 660cc engine gathered the most attention from the guests. It is difficult to imagine what the base car was like after the transformation, but try to visualize it through the photos.

Its front glass makes you think that you have seen it somewhere; this UMC DO-RO Runner closely resembles the old American car Plymouth Road Runner but it was unexpectedly based on the Toyota Crown (1992, E-JZS141). The staff said that it also has the cabin of the Mazda Roadster NA.

Furthermore, the 663TR, which looks like a smaller version of a white Ferrari Testarossa for Koenig, was based on the Honda Beat (1991, E-PP1). Looking at its exterior, it has the Beat’s interior panel but it has a red meter gauge, giving it a different look. A staff said, “Its tail lamp was based on the Nissan Cube.”

The BlackOpal Show-Spec, which would remind you of an old Mercedes Benz car, is customized car, a collaboration between NATS and Show Aikawa. “It would be nice to have this kind of car,” Show previously proposed. Thus, NATS customizing department was assigned to create this output. It was based on the Daihatsu Copen (2002, LA-L880K).

Aside from these models, there are many original works in the NATS Nihon Automobile College booth whose base models were difficult to visualize considering their current output, and these captured the attention of many guests.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)