There were muscular men.

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: Macho models make an appearance at the Toyota booth

When asked about the “beauties” of the Tokyo Auto Salon, many would answer “female promotional models.” However, an unusual event happened at the Toyota GAZOO Racing booth. Instead of women, there were macho men standing next to the cars, showing of their well-toned muscles.

Toyota GAZOO Racing’s slogan for the 24 Hours Nürburgring is: “The road trains the people and develops the car,” implying they are able to build ever-better human resources and vehicles by participating in races. This time, they employed muscular male models to link their exhibit to “training.”

The male models were obviously not popular to male visitors (they looked curious but looked away). Meanwhile, the female visitors were amazed and took photos.

Apparently, the men were distant and disinterested; nevertheless, would it make a difference had they thought about the women’s point of view as well—that men delight in the presence of female models?

(Translated by Charmaine Apple Silagan)