Tough Step WGN and feminine N-WGN Modulo models

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: Tough Step WGN and feminine N-WGN Modulo models

There were two distinctively original mini-vans on the Honda Modulo floor. They were the Step WGN Modulo Concept with its tough image, and the N-WGN Daily Luxe Collection + E500.

The Step WGN Modulo Concept is a showcase model for features such as beam lights, suspension, 17-inch aluminum wheels and aero parts including the front bumper, grille, rear bumper garnish and side sill garnish. The interior also has new features such as the seats, instrument panel and door lining.

The chocolate-colored N-WGN Daily Luxe Collection + E500 showcases the Daily Luxe Collection interior items sold for model like the Fit with the N-WGN. For the display model, a pink-gold front grille, door mirror covers, rear license garnish and even more decals have been added.

The staff says of the two minivans, “Especially with Valentine’s Day coming, the luxury ‘chocolate’ feeling of the N-WGN is particularly popular with women. The Step WGN isn’t just stylish but also offers excellent driving performance. This is something that appeals to drivers of both genders.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)