Snap-on booth at 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: Snap-on booth offers various goods and grab bags

Snap-on held a booth at the world’s largest customization show, the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, which runs from January 15 to 17 at Tokyo Auto Salon.

Snap-on is a long-standing tool maker that was founded in 1920. Known for producing highly reliable goods that are used by car dealerships and motorsports pros, its main business is to sell its goods through mobile stores.

At the booth, Snap-on offered goods such as shirts, hats and bags with designs reminiscent of an auto garage. Since it was January, Snap-on also offered New Year’s grab bags. The highest priced items according to the company were tools such as an 80-gear standard ratchet and ratchet driver that are usually sold for 97,000 yen but were sold for 50,000 yen at the booth.

One corner of the booth was set aside as the Meguiar’s corner. According to staff, Snap-on is the official Japanese dealer of Meguiar’s, which holds the second place in market share for car wax in the United States. Staff says that its name is not widely known in Japan. The event allowed many attendees to get a closer look at the company’s products.

(Translated by Greg Scott)