Daihatsu Copen Cero Coupe Concept

2016 Tokyo Auto Salon: A new proposal that enlivens dress formation, Daihatsu Copen Cero Coupe Concept

Daihatsu exhibited the Copen’s new concept models, the Copen Cero Coupe Concept and the Copen Robe Shooting Brake Concept, at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Daihatsu Design Deparment Chief Designer Hirofumi Wada talked about the ideology of these two models, “In producing normal concept cars, there are many things that you want to do so you tend to find out many points to change. However, we just maintained its dress formation and left the parts that can be modified as it is.” In other words, there were no changes in the Copen’s structural parts.

In addition, Daihatsu Design Department Design Room Assistant-In-Charge Jiro Inoue said, “We will continue to expand the scope of changing the Copen’s appearance a little bit, so we proposed a new concept for the Copen.”

He added about the aim of the Copen Cero Coupe Concept, “We want to enliven the Copen’s running performance while we change its dress formation in the exterior part. And instead of making its top open, this coupe has a hard top roof.”

He further explained about its design and features, “It has a flowing line from the top part of the front roof up to the rear part. And even the point at the very back part of the spoiler strongly enhances the projection its facade; thus, we aim for it to have a weight just like that of a kei car, and great quality.”

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)