Lexus LC500 (2016 Detroit Auto Show)

2016 Detroit Auto Show: Show Car Library – Lexus LC 500, a luxury two-door coupe to succeed the SC

Lexus unveiled the new Lexus LC 500 luxury coupe at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

The LC 500 is the successor of SC, which ended its production in July 2010, and Lexus’ new luxury two-door coupe. It is the commercial version of the LF-LC which was exhibited at the 2012 Detroit Motor Show.

As for its powertrain, it can be equipped with the 2UR-GSE 5L V8 cylinder engine intended for the RC F and the GS F series. For the North American version, it has a maximum output and a maximum torque of 475ps/7,100rpm and 54kgm/4,800-5,600rpm respectively. It has a 10-speed auto transmission.

The exterior was designed to balance the dynamic proportions and elegance of a luxury coupe. Its low center of gravity, low height, and wide width give it an aggressive stance, while the curves of the fenders, which emphasize the four tires, express the agility of a coupe.

A considerable effort was placed into the layout of the interior to foster a sense of unity between the driver and the car when driving, such as the positioning of the pedals, the angle of the steering wheel, and the hold performance of the seat. It adopts leather and Alcantara material with excellent texture to heighten the comfort every time you use the car. This high-quality manufacturing expresses Lexus’ world-renowned, detail-obsessed craftsmanship.

Its overall length, width, length and wheelbase are 4760mm, 1920mm, 1345mm and 2870mm respectively.

The release of this car to the Japanese market is scheduled to be in the spring of 2017.

(Translated by Aileen Bolo)