Lexus LC500 (2016 Detroit Auto Show)

2016 Detroit Auto Show: Lexus unveils LC500, the birth of a luxury coupe

On January 11, Lexus unveiled the Lexus LC500, a new luxury coupe, at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, which was held in the U.S.A.

The LC500 is Lexus’s new luxury two-door coupe. Lexus exhibited the LF-LC Hybrid Sports Coupe Concept car at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show in January 2012. The LC is the production version of this concept car. Lexus ended the production of the SC in July 2012, and in place of the SC, they introduced the LC500 as a luxury coupe.

As for its exterior, it enlivens its structure that was based on the newly-developed FR platform, and it also pursues design that consists of dynamic proportions with good driveability and design, and elegance as a luxury coupe. As for its body size, it has an overall length of 4,760mm, an overall width of 1,920mm, an overall height of 1,345mm, and a wheelbase of 2,870mm. It has an aggressive stance with its low balance, low ground height and wider width, and its fenders, which emphasize the four wheels that are compactly arranged in the four corners of the car. This solid configuration expresses its quickness as a coupe. Furthermore, each part of its appearance is made of glamorous curved surfaces and sharp lines, and it also has an enhanced elegance that is suitable for a luxury coupe.

Its cockpit was also designed with fixed details to provide thorough performance, such as the layout in driving position that creates unity between the driver and the car, pedal arrangement, steering inclination, stable seats and the like. It is also mounted with a shift by wire system, and a next-generation media system that corresponds to an intuitive operation. It also has thorough and high-quality materials through Lexus’s originality and craftsmanship with the use of leather and Alcantara-made textiles, and other materials that make you feel deeply comfortable as you feel their textures.

As for its powertrain, it can be equipped with a 2UR-GSE 5L V8 cylinder engine for the RC F and the GS F series. For the North American version, it has a maximum output and a maximum torque of 475ps/7,100rpm and 54kgm/4,800-5,600rpm respectively. It has a 10-speed auto transmission. It can read the driver’s intentions through the accelerator, brake, and vehicle gears, and they also introduced a new system where the driver can select the suitable gears.

As for its newly-developed platform, the four corners of the car are equipped with newly-developed big run-flat tires. Then its engine was mounted at the back of the axle, to have better balance when passengers and things are inside the car, and it adjusts the weight distribution balance when located at a lower place. It also generates inertia and has a front midship layout that is close to an ideal performance. According to Lexus, aside from the fact that its highly rigid body guarantees high rigidity as its basic performance, it also has notable force towards its body when driving, and transforming characteristics. Thus, it actualizes excellent direction-change capability and can reach the driver’s target line as it is.

Moreover, the LC500 is set to be released in Japan in Spring 2017.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)