1st-gen NSX fully restored by Clarion

CES16: Clarion presents restored 1st-gen NSX with state-of-the-art sound system

Clarion presented a fully restored first-generation Honda Acura NSX at CES16, which opened its doors in Las Vegas on January 6.

Called the Acura NSX Clarion Builds, the project took around six months to complete. It’s a fully restored 1991 first-generation model that ran for 370,000 kilometers with no trouble. Not stopping there, Clarion made some modifications such as adding a 21st century digital sound system.

Clarion built a touch panel head unit, processor, digital tweeters, full-range speakers, and digital sub-woofers to create an impressive sound system.

It also added its SurroundEye. This is a system that offers a panoramic view with four cameras mounted around the car’s body. The driver can use this system to see everything going on around the car while driving.

Clarion made some other modifications as well. It changed the original black body to Blue Metallic and added aero parts. The old 3.0L V6 gasoline engine with 5-speed MT was exchanged for a later model 6MT 3.2L engine with an added supercharger.

(Translated by Greg Scott)