Modellista Aero Kit (ver. 2)

Modellista releases additional customized parts for the all-new Voxy

Toyota Modellista International consequently released various additional customized parts with the addition of new grade and minor updates given to the Toyota Voxy.

The concept of the customized parts is “Advanced and Majestic.” With the Modellista Aero Kit (ver. 2), its front mask now has a sportier facade. As for its interior, it has been added with fascinating customized parts such as the LED shift knob that displays its shift position by color on the upper part of the shift knob, enhancing its operability.

The price of the Modellista Aero Kit (ver. 2) is 120,960 yen, while the price of the standard version is 110,160 yen. The LED shift knob costs 39,960 yen.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)