Suzuki Alto Works

Photo Feature: Suzuki Alto Works – A kei hot hatch more polished than the RS

Suzuki released the Alto Works, a kei hot hatch based on the Alto Turbo RS that offers a more polished performance.

The Alto Works is mounted with either the exclusively developed five-speed MT or the exclusively tuned five-speed AGS. In addition to the five-speed MT having a short stroke shift lever, the first four gears gets a close-ratio configuration, enabling it to have a sportier performance. Meanwhile, in contrast to the Turbo RS, the AGS’ shift control program has been tuned for performance. The gearbox has been tuned putting importance to the shift response, cutting the response time by around 10%.

Based on the improved R06A intake VVT turbo engine mounted to the Turbo RS, the engine offers a feeling of acceleration because its response to the accelerator input feels more direct, in addition to it producing a higher maximum torque. It produces a maximum output and a maximum torque of 64ps/6000rpm and 10.2kgm/3000rpm respectively. With its curb weight of 670kg (2WD, 5MT model), its torque-to-weight ratio is 6.7kg/Nm. It is comes with either a 2WD or a 4WD setup.

The suspension has been exclusively tuned as well. Regarding the steering operation, it is brisk and linear, reduces roll speed, and offers enhanced stability during cornering. As for the equipment, in addition to adopting front and rear KYB shock absorbers, its wheel rim width has been widened. It is also outfitted with 15-inch Enkei aluminum wheels. The interior features Recaro seats that have excellent holding performance.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)