Nissan Juke AAA Edition

Nissan establishes Juke limited edition with pop group AAA

Nissan Motor Company has announced that it will release the Juke AAA Edition limited to 300 units on January 21.

The Juke AAA Edition is a special edition model that was designed based on the seven-member Japanese pop group, AAA (Triple-A). Customers can combine their favorite colors through its Personalization with seven different color variations to choose from. It comes with special features to offer a personalized look.

Its base model is the 15RX V Urban Selection, which comes standardized with a low-down suspension that meets the specifications for most tower parkades. The Juke AAA Edition comes fully equipped with features that include an around view monitor w/ Moving Object Detection (MOD) function, automatic anti-glare mirrors w/ display, 17-inch Black aluminum wheels for personalization, exclusive AAA wheel stickers, Nissan navigation system, and a keychain w/ AAA logo.

The exterior comes in seven different colors including Radiant Red, Night Vale Purple, Super Black, Sunlight Yellow, Azurite Blue, Dark Metal Gray, and Brilliant White Pearl. The Juke AAA Edition is priced from 2,471,040 yen to 2,633,040 yen.