Suzuki Wagon R FX Limited

Suzuki adds S-Ene Charge equipped limited edition model to Wagon R

Suzuki has added the FX Limited to the Wagon R kei passenger car and the new version went on sale December 21.

The Wagon R FX Limited is equipped with S-Ene Charge, which assists the engine with a motor during high speed driving for better fuel economy. Its 33.0km/L fuel economy, which puts it at the top of its class, and ISG starter motor allow the engine to start from an idling stop quietly and smoothly.

The exterior has a roof-end spoiler and 14-inch aluminum wheels. Silver has been added to the black-toned interior to give it a more luxurious feel. The price for the 2WD is 1,215,000 yen and the 4WD is 1,335,960 yen.

(Translated by Greg Scott)