Mitsuoka Motors Viewt Rouge

Mitsuoka Viewt Rouge exactly expresses what appeals to women

Mitsuoka Motors announced that they will start selling the special edition of the Viewt, their flagship model, on December 18. The special edition Viewt Rouge features crimson exclusively used in its interior and exterior, and it will be limited to 15 cars. Its price ranges from 3,088,800 yen up to 3,245,400 yen.

At the presentation opened at Tokyo on December 17, Development Division Section Manager Takanori Aoki conveyed the development in detail, “Although the Viewt is originally favored by women, we planned that this edition is the expression of what exactly appeals to women.”

The Viewt Rouge adopts a simple coloring of fine crimson as its body color and a bright super red in the interior. Aoki revealed, “We boldly tried the color that would tickle a human’s instinct on the Viewt.”

Aoki pointed out, “Looking at the cars in the world dispassionately, actually, women don’t usually ride in red-leather-seat cars, even in sports cars like the Honda Civic Type R and Nissan GT-R”.

He also added, “We were very keen with the intercciato (weave), which had been applied to the seat and instrumental panel. I absolutely wanted to add the image of fashion items that wealthy people have, such as bags.” Combining the interior’s fashionable feeling and body color, it expresses a cute and lovely impression.”

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)