Seat pad products images ( rear seat's section)

Bridgestone supplies seat pad for the all-new Toyota Prius to improve comfort and mobility

On December 17, Bridgestone announced that it would supply rear seat seat pads (seat cushions) for the all-new Toyota Prius. This will be the first time for the Prius to adopt the Bridgestone seat pads.

Its moderate softness becomes necessary in the improvement of the ride quality of urethane foam seat pads. However, there are problems like having difficulty keeping its stance when the car is cornering, since its body would easily sink. In the new Prius, moderate stiffness (rigidity) to maintain the stance and vibration absorbency is needed for the seat pad when the car is cornering, as fun and comfortable running performance is demanded.

In the seat pad that is to be supplied this time, the stiffness and damping features of the cell skeletal structure ensure optimal hardness and vibration absorbency, making it more possible to optimize the ventilation due to its cell structure. Hence, it improves the comfort needed for a vehicle. Contributing to the weight reduction through thinning the seat pad, it also contributes to the pursuit of the new Prius’ gas mileage efficiency.

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)