Daihatsu Tanto Sloper

Daihatsu gives Tanto welfare vehicles minor updates but without price change

Daihatsu Motor Company gave the Tanto Sloper and the Tanto Welcome Seat, its welfare vehicles, minor updates and began selling them on December 14.

The minor updates this time actively includes the customer’s opinions on the welfare functions in light of the increased demands for welfare vehicles because of the aging population. The price remains the same, yet it features enhanced usability.

To improve the usability of the Tanto Sloper when boarding a wheelchair, the weight of the slope and the scratches caused by the metallic finishing have been reduced, and the operation of the electric winch has been simplified.

Meanwhile, to enhance the usability of the Tanto Welcome Seat’s seat lift, the tip section of the seat lift has been lowered, making ingress and egress easier. Furthermore, the waiting time for the seat to be lowered has been shortened and the maximum seat protrusion has been reduced, thereby improving its aiding characteristics by making the space narrower.

The Tanto Sloper’s price ranges between 1.43 million and 1.81 million yen, while the Tanto Welcome Seat ranges between 1.525 million and 1.86 million yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)