Toyota Prius

All-new Toyota Prius: A design that has low center of gravity & better field of vision

The exterior of the all-new Toyota Prius has a low center of gravity and sportiness brought about by its new platform. Its new triangular silhouette makes its aerodynamic performance more iconic. And looking from the outside, it has a better field of vision, thus showing it was designed with those three concepts.

Toyota Design Department 3rd Design Chief Shunsaku Kodama of Toyota Design Headquarters talked about it. Looking back, he said regarding its field of vision, “We were not able to receive good feedback about the field of vision of the third-generation Prius.” Therefore, their goal was to make even just a little improvement on the basic performance of the fourth-generation Prius as a base car, and creating a better field of vision was one of their aims.

Particularly, they applied it with round-shaped left and right rear windows, so each of its sides were expanded by 80mm. Moreover, the location of its side beltline was lowered to make it look like the glass is ascending or descending.

Further, the fixed window of the third-generation model was arranged in parallel with the A-pillar, so when you look at it from the inside, it looks like it has a small window. Kodama said, “If we think from the customer’s point of view, this part also makes its field of vision better, but with its thin division bar (that connects the A-pillar and the beltline) and the fixed window, its field of vision has become remarkably better than that of the third-generation model.”

Moving forward, he mentioned, “Through the lowering of its hood by the TNGA, its pointed end was made lower by 70mm, and the location of its cowl (the border between the front window and the hood) was made lower by 62mm.” Further, the wiper was located in a place a bit higher than the field of vision, but he also said, “We lowered the wipers so that it can’t be visible in the field of vision,” and they achieved their goal through that result.

(Translated by Claire Marie Sausora)