Toyota Prius

New Toyota Prius: New Prius aims for design as selling point

Toyota hopes people buy the new 4th generation Prius because they like its design.

Toyota designer Shusaku Kodama says, “We started with our promotional plans for the 3rd gen model and were wondering what we could do for the 4th gen model to further boost its appeal.”

“We wanted to give it an emotional design rather than stressing its advanced technology in terms of environmental efficiency and performance so that people would buy it for the design,” he says. “We want more customers who like that it’s an ecological model but who buy it really for the design.”

The new Prius’ design concept is “Iconic Human Tech.” Kodama explains the changing times, saying, “It used to be that you put all of the advanced technology out front, like the multi-purpose computer and electronic devices. But now, all of that is stowed away and people only use it when they need it. It’s become instinctive to use multi-purpose devices.” The basic idea behind the 4th gen model’s concept is to create technology that starts with people’s feelings and instincts.

(Translated by Greg Scott)