Suzuki Hustler

Suzuki mounts Hustler Turbo with S-Ene Charge, adds special edition

Suzuki partially updated the kei passenger car Hustler. In addition to being mounted with an S-Ene Charge, the Hustler Turbo features a collision mitigation system that uses stereo cameras and a new exclusive body color. Furthermore, the special edition J Style II will be available from December 7.

The partial updates include the Hustler Turbo adopting the S-Ene Charge, a system that assists the engine’s acceleration using a motor, enabling it to achieve excellent fuel efficiency of 27.8km/l in JC08 mode.

The Dual Camera Brake Support comes standard to the X and the X Turbo. Meanwhile, the omnidirectional monitor with memory-based navigation comes as a factory option.

The body color is set with a total of 11 patterns including the “active yellow black two-tone roof” and “positive green metallic black two-tone roof,” which are new colors exclusively used by the Hustler.

The seat upholstery adopts a new design pattern, while the yellow-colored panels were added to the instrument panel and the door trims. Furthermore, the new exclusive colors of the Hustler each have seat pipings; so in total, there are three colors available for the instrument panel and door trims, and six colors for the seat pipings.

The price ranges between 1.07892 million to 1.674 million yen.

The special-edition car J Style II, which was based on the X and the X Turbo, adopts a black basic tone interior which has a premium quality feel, and an exclusive exterior that emphasizes its identity as an SUV. Meanwhile, its body color displays all seven patterns including an exclusive white two-tone roof.

It comes standard with nanoe-equipped full auto air conditioner, premium UV and IR cut glass (front door), and Dual Camera Brake Support. Furthermore, an omnidirectional monitor with memory-based navigation comes as a factory option.

The price ranges between 1.5174 million to 1.73772 million yen.

(Translated by Kimberlee Estampa)